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The Tofoo Co. Tofu with Taste.

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Take everything you know about tofu and file it under ‘things I used to think that turned out to be wrong’.

Tofoo’s not the soggy, tasteless stuff you might be thinking of, and we’re on a mission to show the world that tofu is really rather brilliant. Actually. Not all tofu. Just ours. And not just because our marketing department told us to say that. We’re not like other tofu. To give our Tofoo a better taste and texture, we use a little thing called nigari. It’s an all-natural ingredient created from seawater. We could have used calcium sulphate like almost everyone else (that’s the stuff in plaster of Paris – yuk!). But then what’s the point in only being as good as everyone else? Exactly.

We’re starting a tofu revolution – one delicious, healthy meal at a time.

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Tofoo Review, by The Gourmet Vegan

Lets face it, and aside from the few, there are not many of us that are without a box or carton of tofu in our refrigerators. Tofu is a staple for those following a vegan lifestyle and so it should be. It’s not only an extremely versatile product to use in vegan cooking but, when you find the right brand, a tofu that’s more than just tofu, you are shaking and stirring things up in a good way. It’s a given fact that you have to work with tofu. It needs love and care to bring out the best of what it can offer, however, since finding the Tofoo range in my local supermarket, my opinions have changed slightly on this.

Tofoo make it very clear from their packaging that we are being offered “Tofu with Taste”. Can one tofu taste different from the next? Well let me assure you that it can, and Tofoo does. This may sound an odd thing to say, but even when you open the packet, there is a freshness to the smell of the tofu that I have yet to find with other brands that are commercially available.

Checking out the website, there are a few things that seem to add to why this range tastes so good. Firstly, as they point out, they use Nigari ( an all-natural ingredient ) in the making of their tofu, where others use Calcium Sulphate to turn the soymilk into curds. Secondly, they use only 100% organic soy beans and lastly, the tofu is made by hand in small batches. It seems they’ve got it spot on with how to produce a tofu that is worthy of the continued love and affection we give it as we open the pack.

There are four products in the range and I tested 3 of them. Naked ( Original ), Oriental Spiced and Indian Spiced. There is also a Smoked, that I am yet to try.

Naked ~ This is a fantastic ingredient. From the taste to the texture, this is possibly the best tofu I have ever used. The taste is fresh and the texture has bite. It’s the bite that is missing in so many other tofu ranges, but the firmness here is fantastic. It works perfect for recipes, where it not only holds its texture, but takes on flavours extremely well. This being said, with such a fresh taste, this works alone without the need for added flavour and perfect when used in a salad.

Oriental Spiced – This is perfect for a salad or stir fry where you do not want to add too much additional flavour. There is just enough spicy kick to allow you to feel the heat on your tongue, and as with the naked, the texture is extremely firm. I tried this in a wrap with a simple salad and some vegan mayo and it made for an extremely quick and tasty lunch.

Indian Spiced – As with the other two products, the texture is firm and has a great bite. I was very impressed with the flavours, which were not as generic as some Indian flavoured products. This tasted fresh, clean and yet the spicing was not overpowering. I also used this in recipes with additional spicing and the results were amazing.

Overall, I have to be honest and say, in my opinion, that have the best range of tofu products that I have ever used. It’s hard to put a finger on what exactly makes this range so good, but I would ask everyone of you that is able to get hold of this range, to give it a try. I can promise you that you will not be disappointed.


Reviewed by The Gourmet Vegan 10/01/2017

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