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dannyHi. My name is Danny and I love to cook…and more than that…I love to share my recipes with others. I have been Vegan since 2011; finally making the transition from Vegetarian of which I had been since my early teens.

With just a quick browse of my recipes you will see that my style of cooking is quite diverse. I love experimenting with foods from other cultures and working with different techniques to create original and exciting meals. Flavour combinations are another passion of mine, as is finding new and exciting uses for common store cupboard ingredients.

I was lucky to have had the opportunity of spending many years living overseas, mostly in Spain and Tenerife, and this is where my love of working with fresh ingredients really took off. It was also where my experimentation with food really started happening due to the lack of many essentials that we take for granted in the UK.

I love to hear from those that have the same passion for food as I do. There are various ways you can contact me and so please check out the contact page where you will find details of my various social media pages and email.

My main hope is that you try out the recipes for yourselves and then share your thoughts with me. There are various areas of the site where you can leave your comments, such as at the bottom of the recipe pages and also on the forum which I hope you will enjoy using. It’s always great to have your feedback .

Enjoy your time here and be sure to visit often to see new and exciting recipes which are added on a regular basis.